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1 year, and some change

2011-05-05 10:52:56 by IndigoWraithe

Lol, I just realized that I've been a member here for just a little over a year. I've made some music tracks that no one has heard, contributed to an art collab that fell apart, and have more or less spent the last year rating and reviewing just about anything and everything on the site. I really love the art portal, and I plan on trying to get my blam/protect points up. Though, it does irk me how hard it seems to blam stuff sometimes. I'll watch something that is absolutely worthless, and it still manages to get through. Whatever. Life goes on.

New Song in the AP

2011-02-08 21:27:24 by IndigoWraithe

Well, I've wanted to post more stuff in the NGAP, but alot of the music I make is either just clips and unfinished experiments, or stuff that I don't want to post under the Creative Commons license. In any case, this piece has been sitting around for a while. Hopefully, somebody out there will like it.

Advent Spirit

Cheers all.

Super Sexy Halloween Music

2010-10-19 18:40:57 by IndigoWraithe

Through Depths Unknown

so, this is my first submission to Newgrounds, and I'm just hoping to generate some views and votes. I'm not expecting to win the Halloween 2010 Music Contest, but i'd still like to see what people think of it. That way I can improve and maybe win a different contest later down the road. :P

It's sad, but the Audio Portal is a HUGE part of NG that goes mostly unnoticed. If an artist has a kinda big name, like Hania, he or she gets views and votes, etc. but if you aren't, you're lucky to get a handful of votes and maybe one or two reviews. Basically, I'm fucked! ^__~

anyway, thanks to anybody who actually follows the link and votes. AUDIO PEOPLE, comment on this post with a link to your own work and I'll return the favor. It's only fair.